4 comments on “My Christmas Gift to You.

  1. You’re right, I did enjoy that 🙂 Aww, a young(ish) Richie D, cute. Seriously though I doubt many of the children were following all his arguments/analogies, I know I would have had trouble at 11 or whatever they were. I definitely think he should stick with adult audiences, it just suits him better.

  2. Well, I dunno about cute — but that shirt! Wow!

    Yes, I’ve often wondered in general how much kids take away from the RI Christmas lectures. I remember early ones, when I was a kid myself, that held my interest but which I didn’t fully grasp. Dawkins did a decent enough job, but I know what you mean. Must be tough getting the right balance.

  3. This is wonderful and totally unfamiliar to me. I’ll have to share it with my kids, a good homeschool tool. The value of science and logic can’t be overestimated. I loved science growing up. Started college to become a biologist. Despite my drift into subjects you’d probably consider mythology and metaphysics ;-), I’m still a scientist at heart.

  4. Great to hear you’ll be sharing it with your kids, Teresa. I’ll be interested in hearing how they receive it.

    Incidentally, the full series of Dawkins RI Christmas lectures (about five, in all) are available here.

    Ah, well, we all drift on occasion 😉 An enquiry into the alternatives isn’t necessarily a bad thing — especially when balanced with your obvious love of (and skill with) science. 🙂

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