18 comments on “Ponderings of the Brain-Dead.

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  2. Wheelchair, huh? I didn’t know that. But why should I?

    Anyway. I work in education, at one remove, anyway; I work for the work experience office of Oxfordshire County Council, which ties in with the Education Business Partnership. So we hear about all the latest educational fads foisted on us by the UK govt, and I have to say that in many respects, it’s a failing system.

  3. Yup, I take a pretty simple approach to my disability online, mate; I mention it when it’s relevant. I don’t hide it, of course (Crip Pride anyone? ;-)), but nor do I feel the need to drop it into the conversation willy-nilly.

    Nothing really changes, does it? Education is a political ball to be batted back and forth, and I doubt the system will ever be as successful as it could until this is addressed. I think the experiment in integration that I was a part of back in the seventies was highly political — rather than simply being thought of as something that needed to be done “for the kids”. It was certainly badly thought through. Teachers with no specialist training in the various areas of disability having to deal with kids (admittedly the more able) with specialist physical requirements (eg. tables that were a reasonably comfortable height) and the usual thirty to forty able-bodied kids. Largely due to the efforts of the teachers, it probably worked a lot better than it should have!

    Work experience office? My joke way back was that I wanted to do my work experience as a postman. All that fresh air and… oh, walking. 🙂 The irony is, I’d probably get it today, discrimination laws being what they are!

    Okay. Maybe not 🙂

  4. Yeah, it was kind of a “Huh. Didn’t know that”, sort of mild surprise.

    I’m with you on education, especially the integration bit. And don’t even get me started on academies…

    Hehehe… Good joke. Oddly enough, Post Offices (basically privatised by stealth, another bugbear) are quite good about accepting WE kids, and usually good about ramps and such; sorting offices, on the other hand, are just teh gay, as 733t peeps say.

  5. lol. Academies. Oh yes. That whole “sponsorshit” approach (hm? Oh, yes, I meant “sponsorship”) just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There seems to me to be an identity problem with them that makes it doubtful that this particular “initiative” simply won’t last.

    The gay sorting orifices… I really shouldn’t go there, should I? I wouldn’t mind working in a Post Office now mind, as long I get to tell West Life they’re a bunch of ugly, tone-deaf tossers 😉

  6. I have a particular problem with private provision of public goods. It leaves me worried and suspicious, tbh. Not to mention the King’s Academy, of Reg Vardy and Creationism fame; even solidly evangelical CofE schools (bizarre concept, evangelical Anglicans, but they do exist) teach that Genesis is figurative. They exacerbate the very problems they were meant to solve, and if nobody saw that coming, that’s even more worrisome.


    “Vicky, what did you do with your baby?”

    “Swapped it for a West Life CD.”

    “Vicky! That’s terrible!”

    “Yeah, I know, they’re rubbish.”

  7. Ah, yes — King’s Academy. Everyone seen as equal in the sight of God etc. Except for Darwin. A perfect (and local) example of just how tragic and fundamentally (pun intended) dangerous the academy system can get.

    *dons his favourite Andy vest* Yeah, I know 😉

  8. And except for “problem” pupils – the exclusion rate at King’s was 10 times higher than the national average during its first year. So much for helping struggling communities.

    I don’t like it </Andy>

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