6 comments on “Receive by Email.

  1. No, Josie, I will continue to post links from my MySpace blog to individual posts here. This is an “as well as” service rather than an “instead of”. I’m basically trying to centralise everything in a flexible form for my own convenience whilst trying to provide as many user options as possible. Having any problems with it thus far?

    Thanks for commenting!

  2. Gary, mydear, I don’t mean to offend you, but I do hope you understand that leaving ‘myspace’ means some people will not follow. Your links will not be clicked and if they are, you’ll still get less comments. It’s kind of like getting a department change in the workplace. No matter how hard you try to maintain your friendships, people don’t feel the same about you once you voluntarily leave them.

    I’m sure you’re doing the right thing for you, but I’m just telling you how it feels from the other side. Don’t worry…I’ll still read, no matter where you post. 😉

  3. Well, I know what you mean, Sheila, but I’m not actually leaving MySpace. I still participate, where appropriate, on the blogs of others etc and read what’s being said. It seems a curious mindset. “Oh, his blog’s on a different server so I won’t read it.” I read blogs on MySpace, Blogger, LJ, WordPress… because they engage me. But if others don’t base their blog diet on that and instead base it on platform loyalty, well, so be it. As a wise man once said, “There’s bugger all I can do about it.” 😉

    I must admit, the sentence about people not feeling the same about you when you voluntarily leave them made me stop and think, though. Is it really like that? As I’ve said, I still participate on MySpace, I provide easy click-throughs to each post from MySpace and I’ve put various methods in place to make it easy for them to keep on reading. I find it hard to believe that my regular readers and friends would be so fickle. Time will tell, I guess 🙂

  4. well, it’s more likely for me at least to entice me over here rather than stop me from reading your posts! But it might stop people from randomly checking out your blogs.

    I have issues with MySpace stability as I know of people who’ve lost all previous blogs, profile, comments etc and it’s all been either hacked or somehow fallen over. So I copy my blogs from myspace into SribD, which is a failsafe thing. I think that’s probably what you’re doing here but the other way around maybe? I still think of myspace as my ‘main’ blog site.

  5. Well, MySpace’s inherent instability has been a worry, yes, Josie — but it didn’t really prompt my move over her. I essentially wanted a little more flexibility so that I could use it as the front end of my website and make everything look seamless and visually “related”. Also, I don’t like the fact that non-MySpace members can’t comment on my MySpace blog. It excludes a number of my MySpacePhobic friends.

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