9 comments on “A More Professional Look?

  1. I like the look. I very much like the not having to have a Myspace account signed in for evil IE. Will you be setting up any other feeds?

  2. I wish I knew about your desires… I can set up and host a WordPress blog for you, easy stuff. My sites are all run in WordPress.




    Anyhoo, it’s a great move when YOU’RE in control. When you’re ready to go even further and host the site on your own domain, let me know, and I will offer as much help as I can.

    Come register on Atheists Rule! It’s not live yet, still setting up the theme and adding content.

    This is a very nice theme, too. *clicks 2 Kudos*

  3. Yes, Chris, that was, at least partly, one of the things I hoped using this would address — making it more accessible to all.

    Wasn’t planning on setting up a feed… I haven’t a paid LJ account, so don’t think I can, actually.

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